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WARNING : You are about to learn the truth about every penis enlargement method out there. If you don't want to know what you need to know about penis enlargement - OR- If you actually think that some method you heard about is real - then be prepared to be disappointed because you are about to learn the TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH about every penis enlargement method out there - and you might be surprised at what you will learn here...

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The Penis Enlargement Truth You Need To Know
Listen, because no matter what you do, you don’t want to get ripped off by those other sites and their bogus information. It's easy to fall for their game, so please pay attention to what you’re about to learn....

Let's start with the most obvious....

Penis enlargement pills are a total fraud. They don’t work and they couldn’t possibly work and we’ll prove it to you.

Most guys have already heard about the penis enlargement pill scam and you probably have too...

The biggest swindle in the mail order marketplace right now is penis enlargement pills.

The scam artists behind the original penis enlargement pill, Longitude, are on their way to jail - that's a fact because they were busted for fraud.

There is no such thing as a pill that will enlarge ANY part of your part of body let alone your penis. The concept of a penis enlargement pill is so preposterous it's not even worth discussing...

But you need to know because you don't want you to get conned by THEM too...

Penis Enlargement Pills Are Sold As All Natural
Never Forget That BULLSHIT Is All Natural Too
It isn’t just the Longitude Penis Enlargement Pill that was bogus...

All penis enlargement pills are bogus !

Penis enlargement pills are sold with advertising filled with absolute lies, garbage and total bullshit. These con-artists are everywhere and no matter what they try to tell you - Please use some common sense, no scientist, no doctor, no chemist ANYWHERE has ever developed a penis enlargement pill because it’s simply impossible.

You might say that they once said going to the moon was impossible too but let’s just use some common sense - Unless you undergo some sort of biological reengineering – Body parts cannot be enlarged with medication or herbs or any pill for that matter – otherwise wouldn’t we also have brain enlargement pills ?

The Concept Of Penis Enlargement Pills Is Just Plain Stupid
In the illogical world of penis enlargement pills - Basketball players could grow longer legs, baseball players could enlarge their hands and swimmers could grow bigger lungs.

But the only thing that penis enlargement pills enlarge is the con-artist’s bank account at the expense of the poor guy who falls for their deception.

Don't worry, because everybody has their weak moments and those penis enlargement pills sites can sound pretty convincing - until you use some common sense.

Of course there's another kind of scam that's hard to spot at first. It's the penis enlargement hardware racket. Things like penis enlargement pumps, weights, stretchers etc.

Penis enlargement pumps are sold as novelties only. It says that right on the package and it says that because that's precisely what they are - toys.

Penis Enlargement Pills Are Just ONE Of The Scams To Avoid...
The World Is Filled With A Lot More...
One of the most famous penis enlargement pumps is marketed by a REAL doctor.

His name is Dr. Joel Kaplan and he personally endorses a lot of pretty outlandish looking and expensive devices.

There’s only one problem…

Dr. Joel Kaplan is NOT a medical doctor.

He sells his penis enlargement pumps and gives the impression that he's medically qualified to endorse them but in fact the title DOCTOR was bestowed upon him by a 'long distance learning organization' - not an officially recognized college or university.

Some people call those things diploma mills.

Listen, all of that is absolutely true and anybody can clearly read it for themselves at HIS website but I guess he doesn't think anybody will actually do the research to discover what kind of place issued his so called doctorate.

Now considering that his penis enlargement pump is perhaps the best known penis enlargement pump and maybe even the most respected penis enlargement pump...

Don't you think it's a bid odd that ...

A supposedly real device is sold by a guy who has not so real credentials ?

Penis enlargement pumps are TOYS no matter how much they charge for them !

And they're really dangerous.

You've seen the weights and the stretchers and they're just as dangerous, just as useless and just as expensive.

Forget about the toys because they don't work and will probably hurt you really badly.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pump, very dangerous weights or stretchers, these are all very hazardous and useless…

Ask yourself one simple question :

Would you use any of those devices on your finger, your neck or your tongue…

Then why on Earth would anyone ever think to hook their penis up to one of those things ?

You've Got To Know The Truth About The Infamous Penis Enlargement
Manuals...And Their All Natural Penis Enlargement Methods...
The Jelq. They try to tell you that it is some Arab thing or that Sudanese are well endowed or some other crazy ancient mystery. Fact is, the word Jelq is Turkish slang and it means...

Jerking off. Of course we already know that you can become a DOCTOR by mail and did you know that DOCTORS sell manuals that tell you how to jerk off too ?

Jelquing means jerking off and unless you want to get ripped off by jerk offs...

Don't bother with the online manuals.

You've probably seen a site that claims it's the only penis enlargement developed by a Physician...

As if that matters !

Doctor Josef Mengele was one of the most infamous war criminals of all time. He sent perhaps millions to their deaths at Nazi concentration camps.

Unlike some of the quacks selling penis enlargement – Mengele was a REAL doctor, he was a qualified physician.

Would you trust Doctor Mengele – WHO WAS A REAL PHYSICIAN – To tell you how to enlarge your penis ?

What Good Is An Endorsement If The Product Is Bogus Anyway ?
Profession or title means nothing if it did then there wouldn’t be any crooked lawyers, right ?

Anybody that looks at those online manual sites immediately notices they are all the same, no matter what jerk off is selling them - So what if a doctor sells the same crappy thing sold by some kid in his parent's basement - Does that make it any more credible ?

Some marketing clowns even get porn stars to endorse their bogus products. As if a porn star is a legitimate source of information !

When it comes to penis enlargement manuals, pills, pumps and all the other junk….

You know the answer ...

Look here's the proof you need to know..No matter what price they sell their manuals for, whether it's $19.95 or even more, they are all the same junk...

Take A Minute Because Here's The Truth About Those
Online Manuals And It's EASY To PROVE !
You don't want those online manuals because they all copy their material from each other and the original source for this ongoing regurgitation of garbage is an out of print and ridiculous book called Ancient Sexual Secrets by Allan Dyke.

In the book, the word Jelq is used to describe the masturbation of an Arab elder by a young boy.
You already know that Jelq is really just a Turkish slang expression for 'jerking off'.

Do you want to pay up to $100 for an online manual that shows you how to jerk off ?

Do you really think that if a 'Doctor' shows you how to jerk off it would be better ?

Now you can see the clear picture.

The research claimed by these other sites, including some that apparently are endorsed by doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs and con-artists involved paying $39.95 to some other site, to download their junk online manual and resell it as their own.

Given the number of those ridiculous sites, do you really think there are that many research and development labs around the country figuring out new ways to jerk each other off ?

Whether it’s some PHYSICIAN or some kid looking for a fast buck at your expense, the fact is :
Every penis enlargement site that sells online manuals - took their information from some other online manual or that goofy book. Sorry but...

That's the truth.

The Online Manuals And The Penis Enlargement Guides
It doesn't matter what guru is selling the junk, it's a quickly thrown together copy of one of those other programs or that same old crap from Ancient Sexual Secrets.

Please don't fall for the online manual scam because you'll feel pretty embarrassed if you have to pay to find out what you just learned here for free…

Are You Now Convinced That I Know What I'm Talking About ?
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Yes, here it comes… There is only one way to enlarge your penis.

But listen closely because you're getting the only proven solution. Yes, you could take a risk on surgery but it's not proven, not safe and it will cost you at least $10,000.00 and...

Penis enlargement surgery can actually cause you to lose the use of your penis.

It doesn’t matter what some opportunistic plastic surgeon says about proof, safety and everything else…

Never forget Doctor Josef Mengele was a real doctor too.

Real Doctors Earn Their Living As Doctors
Not Selling Old Useless Information
Believe it or not however, no matter how many ways don't work there is a penis enlargement solution that will work for you - and you've found it.

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What about the pencil you search the house looking for that's already tucked behind your own ear?

How about the glasses you are looking for that are already on your face, resting on your nose?

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FACT: Online manuals, jelquing etc. does not produce results no matter who's selling it.

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Autobiostimulation is based upon the research work of real professionals who in the 1980's developed a program to enhance the performance of Olympic class athletic teams. That research is well documented and contributed to Gold Medal results at Seoul, Korea and Barcelona, Spain.

That's a fact.

Solid, Documented, Professional Research
In 1995, those same techniques evolved into a program that achieved astounding results when incorporated into a program for penis enlargement. That might sound crazy but that's precisely how it happened.

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Listen, some guys pay up to $129.00 to talk to some loser on the phone about how to enlarge their penis. That sounds really funny but there's a site on the internet that actually sells it and every day some poor suckers get conned by this quack.

It would be funny, if he wasn't taking money from real men every day.

Other guys pay up to $1000.00 on a penis enlargement hypnosis scam - It's true and quite frankly, considering that the person selling this ripoff   is a woman doesn't that make you wonder ?

A couple of guys have told me about some bogus seminar that costs $2000.00 and they also told me that it didn't work. In fact, if it wasn't such a complete scam it was hilarious.

How about $500.00 for penis enlargement pills ? That's what most guys get suckered for when they order them.

Cremes, sprays, pills, pumps, hypnosis, manuals, secrets and junk. Guys spend a fortune looking for ways to enlarge their penis and get nothing but an expensive lesson in buyer beware.

Of course surgery costs at least $10,000.00 but if you have $10,000.00 to lose then I better tell you that you also better be prepared to lose the use of your penis. The truth is out there, as they say and I would rather you do nothing than spend $10,000.00 and end up with damaged and disfigured penis.

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There Were Lots Of Promoters Who Claimed They Invented The Airplane
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Surgery costs more than $10,000.00 and it's not clinically proven.

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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction With This Complete Package.
Please Try It And See The PROOF For Yourself. It's Just That Simple.
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