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The prospect of increasing penis size is something most men seem to be interested in. In fact, according to varying sources, anywhere from between ninety to ninety five percent of us aren't happy with what we have. Another interesting fact is that ninety percent of men, regardless of race possess roughly the same erect penis length of around six inches. The obvious conclusion seems to be that none of us are happy with being just 'average'.
Penis size, or our perceived lack of it, often seems to be directly linked to levels of self-esteem, confidence and our perception of masculinity. They say women are less concerned and rank penis size fairly low on the list of important physical attributes in a man. Of course there are reports to the contrary, such as the results of a survey performed by Durex stating 'sixty seven percent of women are unhappy with the size of their partner's penis'. Whether this is the case or not, penis size is definitely more of an issue for men than women.

Popular Methods of Penis Enlargement

There are several methods of penis enlargement currently available, all of which claim to be the most effective way to increase penis size. There is also a great deal of information available about these methods. Unfortunately, the sources tend to be commercially biased, favouring one method whilst dismissing the alternatives.

My intention has been to provide a detailed and accurate overview of the methods available and to discuss the effectiveness and safety issues surrounding each one.

The methods discussed include:

Natural Penis Enlargement - the use of dedicated exercises such as the Jelq.
Penile Augmentation Surgery - surgical procedures developed to lengthen and thicken the penis.
Penis Pumps - the use of devices designed to create a vacuum around the penis.
Supplements - preparations containing a variety of herbs and vitamins.
Traction - stretching devices that apply consistent tensile force to the penis.
The above methods have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. However, they provide varying levels of effectiveness. Furthermore, costs vary widely between each one, as does the amount of personal dedication required to achieve results. Most importantly, each method has potential adverse side effects that should also be taken into consideration.

Natural Penis Enlargement is the term used to describe the use of exercise as a way of increasing penis size. With the advent of the Internet, the method has gained a great deal of popularity and is a relatively inexpensive option. There are no shortage of online manuals and programs available, and the majority provide information on basically the same set of exercises and techniques. The quality of the programs, the clarity and comprehensiveness of information and the levels of client support provided do vary considerably however.

One of the main principles of natural penis enlargement is to improve circulation to the penis and to increase the volume of blood held within the erectile tissue. It is the erectile tissue that engorges with blood when sexually aroused resulting in an erection. The theory goes that if the erectile tissue can be encouraged to hold a greater volume of blood than it could otherwise naturally accommodate, then this will in turn result in a larger penis both when erect and flaccid.

Bearing in mind that the shaft of the penis consists primarily of erectile tissue and that skin is very elastic, easily capable of stretching to accommodate growth, it does seem reasonable to suggest that stimulating the erectile tissue in this way and increasing the volume of blood the tissue is capable of holding will help to promote gains in penis size.

Exercise Techniques:

One of the techniques used to increase the blood capacity of the erectile tissue is called the Jelq. The technique encourages blood to be forced into all the areas of the erectile tissue. The basic technique is quite simple to perform and relies on applying a milking motion along the length of the semi erect penile shaft. To achieve this, the thumb and forefinger are used to encircle the base of the penis. A moderately firm grip is used to maintain the partial erection and to ensure the blood is securely trapped. Maintaining this moderate pressure, the grip hand then slides forward along the length of the shaft and forces as much blood as possible into all areas of the erectile tissue. As the grip hand nears the end of the penile shaft the alternate hand then repeats the process, resulting in a continuous motion with each stroke taking around 1-2 seconds. To perform the Jelq correctly, it is often helpful to use a lubricant such as baby oil as this helps the gripping hand to slide without resistance along the length of the penis.

Exercises to stretch the penis are another common component of a well planned routine. These exercises work on the well known principle that the body is capable of adapting when subjected to the force of tension. In fact, the application of tensile force is used in certain areas of mainstream medicine and is actually part of the postoperative treatment for men who have undergone Penile Augmentation Surgery.

These techniques primarily stretch the suspensory ligaments responsible for supporting and connecting the penis to the pubic bone. The suspensory ligaments also secure approximately half of the length of the penile shaft within the body. Stretching these ligaments encourages the part of the penis usually held within the body to be gradually exposed over a period of time.

Interestingly, surgical techniques to lengthen the penis also focus on the suspensory ligaments. However, instead of stretching the ligaments, they are literally severed. This results in immediate gains in length but is a far more drastic procedure. One of the main drawbacks of surgical lengthening procedures is that the formation of scar tissue can actually cause the suspensory ligaments to heal shorter than they were originally and initial gains can be partially or totally lost.

Stretching exercises are usually performed when the penis is flaccid. The basic technique involves gripping the penis firmly around the head and then gently pulling forward. The idea of the stretch is not to pull the penis to the point of pain but to just pull sufficiently so that the penis is stretched to its maximum comfortable limit. An example of a stretching exercise would then be to hold the stretch for approximately 15 seconds before relaxing. To complete the session the process would then be repeated 10-15 times.

Good penis enlargement programs provide routines with several important variations of the above technique. They include performing different numbers of repetitions per session and holding each stretch for longer or shorter periods of time depending on the particular exercise. They also provide a combination of techniques designed to stretch all the areas of the penis and suspensory ligaments. This is very important in order to achieve maximum results.

One thing to bear in mind is that stretching exercises only promote gains in penis length and will not increase penis girth. These techniques therefore, only form part of an effective routine.

Not all natural penis enlargement techniques rely on specifically exercising the penis. A very important example of this is the use of exercises known as Kegels. The idea behind Kegel exercises is to strengthen the PC muscle. This is the muscle you contract to stop the flow of urine and is located between the scrotum and anus. It is one of  four muscles that make up the group of muscles known as the pelvic floor.

Exercising the PC muscle has quite a few well known benefits. Firstly, a strong PC muscle improves blood flow to the penis and will help to maintain strong, firm erections. This in itself makes the penis appear larger when erect due to the fact that it is engorged to capacity with blood. Also, because circulation to the penis is improved, the effects of other more specific enlargement technique like the Jelq are enhanced.

The PC muscle also plays an important role in ejaculation. Strengthening this muscle helps to improve ejaculatory control. A strong PC helps to delay ejaculation, enhances orgasm intensity and results in more powerful and copious ejaculations.

To perform Kegels, you simply slowly tense the PC muscle. Once tensed, you then hold the contraction for a few seconds before relaxing. There are again, quite a few variations. Some involve holding the contraction for a longer period of time and performing fewer repetitions, whilst another variations involve higher numbers of quickly performed repetitions. A good routine will consist of performing both types and will carefully combine the two techniques.

All the above exercises and their variations are simple enough to perform. However, you do need quite a lot of dedication and need to follow a carefully planned routine.  As with any type of exercise, the benefits take a while to be noticeable. However, speaking from personal experience, it's possible to gain at least an inch in erect length within three months, with similar gains in girth. Within six months the gains can be very dramatic.

Online Programs:

The number of penis enlargement programs available on the internet has grown quite dramatically in the last couple of years and if you've only just started to investigate the various guides on offer, it can be pretty difficult to decide which one to choose. Quality of information does vary widely as does the level of support offered to members. Several well run programs are to be found however, offering their members comprehensive and easily understandable guides, effective exercise routines, high levels of customer support and interactive features such as chat rooms and message boards.

Two of the more popular sites Penis-Health and Penis Advantage provide exceptionally good programs, a wide range of supplementary material and in my experience, very helpful and prompt client support. Not only do they provide in-depth explanations of the many exercises and their variations, but also ensure that you apply these techniques effectively by providing well researched exercise routines. As with any type of exercise, following a carefully planned routine is vitally important in order to achieve positive gains as quickly as possible and to avoid injury.

Either of these guides will give you a sound understanding of natural penis enlargement, and will provide you with all the techniques you need to successfully enlarge your penis through exercise.

Safety Concerns:

As far as safety issues are concerned, natural penis enlargement is probably the safest method available. Performing the exercises correctly and not over training are the keys to success. When starting a natural penis enlargement program the penis may feel slightly sore for the first few days or slight bruising may occur. This goes away very quickly. Any sort of sharp or persistent pain is a strong indicator that you are not performing the techniques correctly or are exercising too vigorously. Poor technique or working out too hard has the same effect with any type of exercise. If you carefully follow the instructions of a good program you'll have no problems whatsoever. The process will be completely safe and you'll be amazed at what can be achieved with a little perseverance.
For many years, medical journals and the prevailing wisdom confidently says that that the average penile length is approximately 6.5 inches. This specific penis measurement has been somewhat contraversial however. In our experience, in the 20 years we've conducted research and development in this area, this measurement is slightly on the high side but is still generally true.

So if you feel that don't exactly measure up when you've compared yourself to others, you may actually be right. The good news is, there is something you can do about it.

And you don't have to resort to surgery to achieve it. In fact, penis enlargement surgery is the last thing you ever want to consider. Firstly, there is no specific medically accepted method to enlarge the penis and secondly, it's not only expensive but it's also very dangerous. Yes there are 'doctors' who perform these surgeries, but 99% of general physicians do not endorse or consider any of these procedures as anything but strictly experimental in nature.

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