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Natural penis enlargement exercises have been in existence for some time. There are differing theories as to where the natural penis enlargement exercise program originated from. Some say that it originated in ancient times, when Arabic fathers would prepare their sons for marriage by using a technique which some refer to as "jelqing". In fact, the term itself is of recent creation by an on-line penis enlargement Web site.

The Internet has been credited with the popularization (or re-popularization, as it were) of natural penis enlargement, with variations on natural penis enlargement techniques. Many books about penis enlargement have been written, detailing natural exercises which can increase penis length and penis girth. The techniques detailed by most authors are rigorous and time-consuming, taking as much as 45 minutes in a single sitting.

In addition, penis enlargement programs now tout themselves as being "doctor approved" or "recommended".

Well, we've checked on the recommendations of those physicians and only one to date has stood up to our scrutiny which is why we recommend you evaluate Penis Improvement.Com penis enlargement program

Penis Improvement.Com is a natural penis enlargement method designed by a doctor to increase penis size, penis length and correct premature ejaculation without penis enlargement pills, penis pumps or penis enlargement surgery

Natural penis enlargement is based on the idea that the cavernosa and spongiosum, the two pieces of spongy tissue in the penis, can be expanded to hold more blood. Natural penis enlargement exercises keeping blood in the penis then utilizing a force+motion to move the blood around. Just imagine you fill a balloon partially with water and use one hand to clamp the end of the balloon, pushing the water into the end. Then, taking the other hand, applying slight pressure and pushing the water towards the end of the balloon. To continue with this analogy, the pressure exerted through the fluid inside of the balloon would stretch the rubber, and the capacity of the balloon would increase.

Some nutritional products can accomplish this alone. In looking through those available, we recommend a scientifically formulated product to enhance size and improve your ability.

With the advent of plastic surgery, and with advances in things like liposuction and other cosmetic pursuits, medicine (if it could even be called thus) proclaimed that it had found the cure. Penis size was easily conquerable, with suspensory surgery, fat transfer surgery, implants, or a host of other developments which would end the worries of the world's insecure male population. These techniques were implemented with a minimum of testing, and little to no scientific validity or approval. All across America and the world doctors grew fat off the darkest embarrassments of men. They left behind them a trail of disaster. Implants failed, surgical scars became infected, men lost the ability to perform sexually. These techniques continue, left unchecked by modern medicine.

There is a reason that penile surgery has remained in the category of "cosmetic operations". Physicians use surgery on the penis to treat severe Peyronie's disease and hypospadias, among a handful of other infections and genetic disorders which can affect the penis. The skin and tissue inside the penis are very delicate, which makes surgery a last resort to help correct problems in the genital area.

Penis enlargement websites have quickly become very popular money-making schemes by motivated webmasters. The amount of actual information and knowledge about natural penis enlargement on the internet, and indeed in the world, is minimal. Every website, every manual is based in the past, on the ancient techniques which still lack any real medical foundation. The principles of natural penis enlargement are simple when examined objectively, but widely ignored among the champions of the techniques themselves.

Penis Enlargement web sites are flourising. All of them guarantee results.

How can you tell the good ones from the bad ones?

Here's a quick hint....stay away from the penis enlargement sites that send email and newsgroup spam. They are unscrupulous and not trustworthy. In fact two of our reviewed penis enlargement programs have ignored repeated attempts and reporting of their affiliates that spam!

We decided to conduct our own penis enlargement program research. We will be conducting testing on all...that's right ALL of the natural penis enlargement web sites out there.


As part of a college research product, we have purchased these programs, used them, abused them and rated them.

We are giving you, a synopsis of our research findings of the most highly visited sites on the Internet concerning penis enlargement.

Remember, we have extensively used each of the programs which we listed and have ranked below. We will tell you the good and the bad. Our reviews/rankings are based upon the following. . .

e have poured over recent journals and reports and we have learned that recent studies conducted by scientist D.J. Millward have shown that muscle cells (including the ‘corpora cells’ within the penis) are surrounded by thin sheaths of connective tissue: the endoysium, perimysium, and epimysium.

These layers can be pictured as exceptionally tough layers of plastic wrap snugly surrounding each cell (and groups of cells). In order for each cell to enlarge, the tough, fibrous connective tissue surrounding the cell must be stretched to a larger diameter. Think of these layers as ‘girdles’ that restrict cell expansion.

The human body responds; grows, develops, and adapts; to physical stimulation and exercise. The tendons, ligaments, muscle fibers, and cellular tissue stretch and heal to adapt to new stressors on them (Berne, Levy, Koeppen, & Stanton, 1998). This is the innate physiology of the human body, to grow and adapt to change, and all tissue in the body responds to the various stressors exerted on it

Due to this innate ability muscle fibers stretch and grow to accommodate exercise, along with the tendons and ligaments. However, the penis is not made up of muscle tissue, but it is affected by the ligaments attaching it to the pubic bone. In addition, the erectile tissue, corpora cavernosa, is a spongy tissue containing distensible blood spaces, which increases in size when blood is pumped into it (Martini, 1998).

The corpora cavernosa in the male penis is similar in construction to the pore cells in marine life called sponges. Repeatedly stretching the pore cells in a live sponge will cause it's absorption pores to expand and heal in this expanded state to adapt to the minute tearing of the cellular walls of the pores, thereby making the pore cells larger and more capable of absorbing more water and nutrients.

The corpora cavernosa is a live tissue which responds similarly in the manner of a sponge (Martini, 1998); therefore, continuous stretching and healing should cause the distensible blood spaces to increase their ability to absorb more blood, as a sponge does with water, and thereby increase actual size of the erectile tissue.

For a bodybuilder, the blood rushing into the muscle during resistance weight training (also known as "the pump") stretches the layers, forcing them to rebuild in slightly larger and larger shapes. Now, to increase the size of your penis, you must somehow stretch the connective layers that surround your erectile tissue.

The external exercises men perform with natural penis enlargement programs stimulate the connective layers of the penis to achieve, after repeated sessions, permanent increase in size and strength. These exercises do not cause new cells to appear - simply, pre-existing cells are forced to increase in size a small amount each time the exercises are performed. During the rest period between the exercises day, your body will rebuild itself a little bigger and stronger and with time and persistence you will begin to see measurable results.

To understand the basics behind penis enlargement, one must understand the basic structural anatomy of the penis, how erection occurs, and the mechanics of how penile tissue can be strengthened and enlarged.
For many years, medical journals and the prevailing wisdom confidently says that that the average penile length is approximately 6.5 inches. This specific penis measurement has been somewhat contraversial however. In our experience, in the 20 years we've conducted research and development in this area, this measurement is slightly on the high side but is still generally true.

So if you feel that don't exactly measure up when you've compared yourself to others, you may actually be right. The good news is, there is something you can do about it.

And you don't have to resort to surgery to achieve it. In fact, penis enlargement surgery is the last thing you ever want to consider. Firstly, there is no specific medically accepted method to enlarge the penis and secondly, it's not only expensive but it's also very dangerous. Yes there are 'doctors' who perform these surgeries, but 99% of general physicians do not endorse or consider any of these procedures as anything but strictly experimental in nature.

It's precisely why, men all over the world choose Penis Enlargement Guaranteed and it's not the only the smart choice, it's exactly why Penis Enlargement Guaranteed is the only realiable, safe and proven method of penis enlargement for more than 20 years.
You might be able to relate the locker room fear that many men suffer from. In fact, in our experience, one of the biggest fears most men have is not measuring up around other men... But recent studies indicate that for both men and women, size DOES matter...

Fortunately Penis Enlargement Guaranteed not only works to make your penis longer and thicker but you'll also have a harder and stronger penis too. Many men get Penis Enlargement Guaranteed simply to increase the strength of their erections and consider the size gains to be an extra bonus. No matter what, if you want a bigger, longer, thicker, stronger penis then Penis Enlargement Guaranteed is precisely what you're looking for.

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Let's start with the background, we started out as a personal training organization for general men's health, fitness, muscle and athletic training. It was after our consultations for a Gold winning Olympic medal team that we realized many of the same core concepts could be applied to penis enlargement.

Over the years, we've combined what we learned with our unique technologies, shown at right. These powerful components, such as Ultrasonic techniques, Biostimulation and our unique Induction Training, are combined in our own proprietary online training solution that truly gets incredible results. In the case of our Ultrasonic system, we've incorporated extensive research and development into specialized software that can be used online but that's not all...

Inside your own personal copy of Penis Enlargement Guaranteed, we've combined software with basic core training and techniques to achieve what is the most powerful and unique permanent penis enlargement methods available anywhere.
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And this is your chance to have a bigger penis right now...
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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction With This Complete Package.
Please Try It And See The PROOF For Yourself. It's Just That Simple.
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