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"All the guys made fun of Jimmy at football practice. He was frail and skinny, and wasn't very strong. But their laughter and joking quickly turned into gasps of disbelief, as during shower time Jimmy exposed what most guys could only dream of having....... Insane with envy, everyone just looked down, embarrased to shower next to him."
While we all wish we could have the gift that Jimmy possesses, not everyone is born with a size to be proud of. Our intensive research over the span of many years has developed a detailed program that has been shown over an over again to enlarge any man's penis by at least 2 inches or more and strengthen your erections like a length of steel pipe.

This FREE REPORT was designed to help you get more size and strength where it counts, and more confidence in your everyday life. Let us show you how to be large and in-charge with the one and only Program.

A quick word from our Founder:

Yes, Penis Enlargement IS possible, and it doesn’t take surgery, pumps, dangerous weights, or other gimmicks such as "magic" pills or creams. Plain and simple, we have the information YOU need to enlarge your penis, strengthen your erections, and develop the sexual stamina that would make most porn-stars jealous.

Please read the following pages to discover how simple, documented, researched, and PROVEN techniques and methods will enlarge any man’s penis 1-4 inches, and at the same time end premature ejaculation, curvature bending, prostate problems and Impotence; all 100% proven with a track record of astounding success for ALL men worldwide..

Thank you for requesting this FREE REPORT, and we hope you will soon be added to our long and always growing list of successful clients throughout the world. God Bless and happy "training" =) .

Nosam Itanimulli, Founder PenileFitness "Free Report"
Welcome to our FREE REPORT! This Report deals strictly in penis enlargement and performance information for men who feel that they are inferior by nature. Listen, there's no reason to feel inferior to anyone simply because you happen to posses a small penis size. You can have a larger penis! Yes, we are for real, and NO this isn't a cheap gimmick.

Having a small penis size can affect how a man sees himself in more ways than anyone could possibly imagine. Actually, sex is just one of the MANY reasons men want a larger penis. Self esteem and confidence play a huge role in how you carry yourself and associate with others. Having a small penis has been proven to affect both self-image and confidence, which is a sad but TRUE fact that many people wish to ignore. Men actually worry about their penis size more than women do about their bust size! We have been told by many that they can recall horrible memories of having to shower in the locker room at school and being made fun of because of their smaller sized penis. Jimmy's story above would be an ideal situation for most men out there feeling the embarrasment everytime they were forced to shower in the company of others.

Other concerned men have said that their lovers have commented or made jokes about their lack of "size" during intimate encounters. This type of situation can destroy a man's self-image and self esteem, making him fear intimate encounters altogether. Most men just take what nature gave them and think they can do nothing to improve themselves, but this is highly untrue. In fact, there is an unbelievable amount of room for improvement. This is why we formed this report and our revolutionary program, to help men throughout the world achieve the penis size and sexual performance they've always dreamt about. No, dreaming will not improve your penis size and ability, but our techniques will. The best part is that you are going to get access to all this information 100% privatly online, in the next few pages.

Before we get started, let's check out some SHOCKING facts:
The average penis size when erect is only 5.5 - 6 inches erect, 40% of men posses this size.
30 million (30,000,000) men in the USA alone suffer from Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction).
Having weak erections can be the first sign of urinary and prostate disease.
Most men can't have intercourse longer than a few minutes before ejaculation due to a weak, underdeveloped PC muscle.
Most men have very poor blood circulation to the penis and testicles and by the age of 27, 85% of men do not have regular erections as much as when they were 20.
85% of women NEVER achieve an orgasm during intercourse, and 72% of women said that they have lied to their lover and faked orgasm.
By the age of 50, 8 out of 10 men have cancer cells developing in their prostate, which better blood curculation might be able to correct or prevent.
According to a recent survey conducted by a leading condom manufacturer, 67% of women said that they are unhappy with their lover's penis size. Proof that size does matter! A larger penis has much more surface area and is capable of stimulating more nerve endings, providing more pleasure for you and your partner. A man endowed with a 7 inches or 8 inches penis is simply better equipped than a man with a 5 inches or 6 inches penis......
The choice is totally up to YOU!
Would you rather have more than enough to get the job done, or fall short?
A larger, well developed penis is also more of a visual turn on then a smaller penis.
You cannot imagine the added confidence that having a large penis gives you, it's amazing!

Your penis is divided into 3 chambers, 2 large ones on top which are your erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa), and 1 smaller chamber at the the bottom from which you urinate and ejaculate (Corpus Spongisum).

When you get an erection, your brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis, filling your erectile tissue. The blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa fill to the maximum, giving you an erection. Now, the maximum your Corpora Cavernosa can fill is the size your penis expands to while erect.. But Guess what? Your Corpora Cavernosa and penile tissue can be developed larger and stronger than they are through proper and thorough exercise performed directly to your penis. Yes, we said exercise. Sound strange? It's not, and this is the reason over 75 million men in the USA alone have sexual dysfuctions of numerous kinds. The LACK of proper blood flow and theraputic stimulation is the real sex killer.

Simply put, your penis is EXTREMELY unfit and weak compared to what it could be. If proper exercise is the key to health and improved ability for your entire body, why would it be any different for your penis? Our Program will outline step-by-step techniques and exercises that will enlarge and develop your Corpora Cavernosa, enhancing size, strength, ability, and circulation. Proper blood circulation is VITAL to proper penile health and ability, and after only a few short weeks you will start to see and feel much difference in the way your penis hangs and feels when erect and flaccid.

Our exercises also promote proper nerve and tissue health which will add more sensation and feeling during intercourse, enabling you to achieve ROCK HARD erections any time you desire. Through exercise your penis will also develop a very "muscular" and veiny look, surely standing out among any average sized penis. This is REAL penis enlargement, not bogus and worthless vacuum pumps, weights, surgery or magic "pills". Isn't it time you developed a larger, healthier, more muscular penis with a real working program? Stop wasting your money and try what has been proven in test after test to enhance your penis size and sexual ability. is the answer.


The Corpora Cavernosa has a certain size, limiting your erection length and thickness. Our exercises force blood to fill all spaces within the Corpora Cavernosa and penile chambers, stretching and enlarging the erectile chambers with every exercise session. This stretching and expanding gently tears down the cells and chambers of the Corpora Cavernosa, causing it to heal back much larger and stronger than before. This is called penile "body building", or "cellular building" to be more accurate.

Over the course of several weeks, the penis has experienced greater and longer lasting erections and a noticeable increase in thickness due to the continual exercise and increased blood circulation. This increased blood circulation carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients to all tissues of the penis that are vital to proper penile health and male sexual well-being. Simply put, more blood flow = larger stronger penis - less blood flow = smaller, weaker penis.

After one month, the penis will have grown in length and will possess much more thickness in both the erect and flaccid state. Flaccid growth and lower "hanging" will be experienced within the first week.

After the second and third month, your penis will have taken on a new body, not just longer and thicker, but much harder and healthier while erect. You will experience pulsating and throbing erections during your sexual encounters, and your sexual control of premature exaculation will be stronger than ever.

Development of healthy and improved penile functioning.
Excellent nerve, vein and tissue health due to increased blood circulation.
Muscular appearance and sensation due to the continual enlargement exercises and stimulation.

One of our enlarging techniques is an actual ancient Arab method, once passed down from father to son for centuries as a family secret. These Arab men started this particular exercise at the point of puberty as instructed by their fathers. Over the course of several months, the blood spaces in their penis became quite enormous due to the continual enlarging and lengthening exercises. These Arabs also have been known to have some of the largest penises per capita on average in the world, being over 9-10 inches in length after puberty. This method is just one of the techniques you are about to learn in the next few pages.

With the help of our Penile Fitness Program, you CAN develop your sexual size and ability the way you want them to be. The only question is, do you have the initiative? Do you have what it takes to follow our program for 15-20 minutes per day, 5 times a week? Do you want to be 2 inches larger within the next few short months? If so, please continue reading.

The Main Benefits of being on our Penile Fitness Program:
Permanent Penis Enlargement Results: We have actual researched, proven and tested methods of lengthening and thickening your penis without surgery, pumps, weights, or pills. Many men starting out with a very small penis size have actually been recorded to gain over 4 inches their first year. Yes, we said 4 inches. We're not going to play around with you, our techniques really work and we have a 96% client success rate to prove it. If you use our methods as outlined, you WILL have results, plain and simple. Usually a gain of 1" is attained within the first 3-6 weeks, something vacuum pumps, weights or "magic" pills could never even come close to duplicating.

Correct Impotence And Weak Erections: Impotence is usually caused by having an unfit and weak penis with poor circulation. Having weak erections eventually result in poor urinary flow, urinary infection, and prostate infection which can lead to prostate cancer, a leading cause of death by cancer in men. Our program will not only strengthen your erections and PC muscle giving you a healthy & vital prostate, but will also enable you to have ROCK HARD, throbbing erections that will last as long as you and your partner desire. Having a strong PC muscle will enable you to hold off the urge to climax until you want to, as well as magnify your levels of ejaculation once you do reach orgasm.

Penile Fitness, Strength, and Performance: If men work out to improve their bodies, why is it so difficult to believe you can work out to improve your penis? Penile fitness is something you MUST have if you want to have control over your sexual organ as you grow older. The sad fact is that the average male has a VERY weak and underdeveloped penis that just gets weaker over time. Through our unique program, you will strengthen your erection functioning, your urinary flow, your level of ejaculations, as well as GREATLY enhance your ability to last long enough to have enjoyable, pleasurable, mind altering sex with your loved one. Now you can finally complete your total body workout the right way. With our techniques you will be on your way to having a very strong, fit penis, also very muscular in appearance with strong sexual sensation.

Urinary & Prostate Health: Having weak erections, poor urination flow, and weak, discolored ejaculations can be warning signs of possible and dangerous prostate problems. This will eventually happen to the majority of men, simply from lack of proper exercise & stimulation. Just like your body gets weak and out of shape if you don't exercise, the same goes for your penis. Our program will enhance proper blood circulation, strengthen your PC muscle, and promote greater nourishing blood circulation to your prostate and urinary system. You will have heavier, stronger urinations, ejaculations, and ROCK HARD, FIRM erections. Penile fitness is very important to maintain as you get into & past your 20's and 30's, so its for ALL men, not just men with probelms.

Dramatic Increase in Ejaculation Volume & Intensity: Many men suffer from very weak, poor ejaculations which can be an early sign of prostate & urinary problems. Our program will teach you how to strengthen and develop your ejaculatory muscle, giving you the ability to have harder erections, promote and enhance fertility, enable control over when you want to orgasm, promote a massive increase in your level of ejaculations, develop a stronger & healthier prostate, experience more frequent erections, and develop the ability to have more than one orgasm during sex. By developing your ejaculatory muscle you will be able to ejaculate much stronger than before, showing more fertility and prowess to your lover. Our program will show you what supplements/vitamins to take on a daily basis that will thin out and improve the potencey of your ejaculation, as well as dramatically increase your level of ejaculations for explsive climaxes that will excite your lover.

Correcting Bending and Curvature Problems: Having a curved penis can have its fair share of problems, including painful and/or weak erections and urination, irritation of the vaginal wall during intercourse, and ejaculatory problems. Our program will develop the corpora cavernosa, giving you stronger erections and help in the straightening of any curve in your erection, helping to correct or prevent erectile bending from taking place.

Overall Health and Sexual Stamina: Our program outlines what supplements & vitamins your body needs to operate correctly, improving all aspects of life. The majority of men get less than 5% of what they need from their diet to have a healthy, energetic lifestyle. A lack of these essential nutrients can cause impotence, bladder infections, urinary infections, prostate infections, prostate cancer, thick discolored and weak ejaculations, heart disease, colon cancer, and slower mental awareness, all of which will DESTROY your sex life. These outlined supplements will add energy and stamina to your sex life & daily activities, aid in much harder and more frequent erections, greater fertility, much greater levels of ejaculation, thinner/sweeter/brighter colored ejaculations, power-boosted immune system, increased recovery process/healing time, less colds & sickness, possible aiding in the prevention of all types of cancers, body and mind purification, mental clarity, and the list goes on and on and on.

Confidence & Self Esteem: Having a small penis size, being impotent, or having any other sexual dysfunction can destroy a man's self esteem and confidence, especially if a comment comes from a lover or someone close. It has actually been proven that men with a larger penis size carry themselves better and present more confidence than men who doubt their own prowess due to lack of size or ability. This is a sad situation for men, especially when over 75,000,000 (seventy five million) men in the USA alone suffer from these type of problems. Our program will develop the entire penis, prostate, and reproductive organs, enabling you to have a larger/thicker penis, harder and more frequent erections, a well developed ejaculatory muscle, as well as a dramatic increase in ejaculation volume and intensity. Don't be ashamed any longer, we can help, guaranteed.

Here's what you are about to discover with our Penile Fitness Program:

Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques that are researched, tested, and proven to work. Most of our clients experience a gain of 1" within 3-6 weeks, and we have an unheard of 96% success rate!

How to end premature ejaculation and develop extraordinary ejaculatory control!

How to easily correct impotence and firm up your erections to ROCK HARD status!

How to correct the curvature of the penis and straighten your erections!

How to greatly improve blood circulation to your penis and testicles and improve vein and tissue health!

Actually INCREASE sensation and pleasure during intercourse!

How to strengthen and harden your erections like a length of steel pipe!

How to develop your PC muscle and form a truly "muscular" looking penis that will impress and arouse your lover! We guarantee they'll brag to their friends!

How to strengthen your erections and build amazing ejaculatory stamina! You will be able to last as long as you desire! No more minute-man syndrome!

How to increase your ejaculation many times and surprise your lover when you climax!

We will also show you:

Over 150+ erotic and exotic sex positions to experiement with your lover. Never have the same boring sex again with this detailed photograph guide to the most exotic sex positions on the planet.

How to seduce any woman and make her yours for the taking. Learn simple cues that you can act on to make women notice and desire you. These secrets have been learned and instructed to us by some of the biggest players in the world, and they show you their inner most secrets to attracting the women that will make your friends the most jealous guys on the planet.

Over 3,000 sex tips submitted by men, women, and couples from around the world. These tips explicitly show you how to push your partners' orgasmic buttons and make them beg for more!

"Sex Therapy Video Theater" hosted by sexy Tondra will explore a new and explicit sex secret each month, complete with detailed videos and instruction guides for the best sex of your life.

Advanced sex techniques for giving your partner clitoral, g-spot and multiple orgasms. We'll walk you through detailed information on how to perform and deliver true mind-altering sexual satisfaction to your lover that will make them putty in your hands. A great lover is made, and a we give you the information to "make" yourself the best lover your partner will ever experience!

Plus MUCH MUCH more vital and useful information that EVERY man NEEDS to know.
Great, now that you know how you can benefit from our amazing
Program, let's get started! Are you ready to begin?

Before beginning the Program, we need to cover some important information which will help you in your progress to developing a bigger, stronger penis and a more satisfying sex life....

Exercises to Enhance the Penis:
Dennis Rockwell, PhD

Before I discuss my own personal experiences with the Penile Fitness program, I'd like to respond to a recent article I've come across a few years ago. In the June 4, 2001 issue of "Health with WebMD" Ken Goldberg, MD, urologist, stated that a program of tugging on your penis with your hands to applying contraptions could possibly damage your penis. He also states that the penis isn't a muscle and can't be improved as a muscle, also he stated that any manipulation exercise hasn't been proven to increase the length of your penis. Finally, his recommendation is to lose weight so you can see your penis better and less fat will be surrounding it so it appears larger.

Dr. Goldberg isn't totally wrong. I completely agree that using machines and surgery to increase the length of your penis could very possibly, and this has been confirmed by some of the clients of this program whom I've talked with personally and have tried these contraptions and operations, damage your penis. His statement that the penis isn't a muscle is also correct, but this is where his research or just his personal opinion without research ends.

Dr. Goldberg, being a notable urologist, is using his training and experience to come to logical conclusions; however, where he is failing in his logic is when it comes to the research and a new approach that relies on this research. Even though, as far as I know there hasn't been any definitive research done by any major university that I am aware of to date. However, it might be something that a doctoral student might want to do for his dissertation, wouldn't that be interesting?

Let me first say that when I first heard of this program I was very skeptical to say the least. My first impression was as Dr. Godlberg's BULLSHIT! However, after extensive research (and my research can be read in the research article I wrote and is posted on this website here) and randomly picking individuals from this program, I found that it ISN’T BULLSHIT.This program does deliver results.
First of all YES the penis is definitely not a muscle; however it is erectile tissue and this tissue is affected by consistent manipulation exercises by causing minute tears in the tissue, which heals and thereby causes the erectile tissue to expand. This expansion causes the penis to increase in length and width. The average change was 1 inch in length and width every 6-8 weeks. Also, by doing manipulation exercises by hand instead of by machine the individual has control over how much they are working their penis and therefore no damage has ever been reported. Not only has no damage been reported by doing the manipulation exercise, but damage that had been done by surgery and machines, also in one occasion a birth problem, were corrected by the exercises developed by

However, I still wasn't convinced since I'm like the "Amazing Randy" and am skeptical of everything unless I have proof. So, I decided that before I would recommend or discourage the use of the program and actually write for the site I figured I'd personally try the program myself. I was feeling rather like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but decided that if I didn't have any results that I wouldn't write the research and articles I have. Well, true to form I had results of approximately 1 inch in width and length in approximately 3 months of use. I can honestly stand here right now and say that this program WORKS. I myself am a true beliver now, and would like to challenge Dr. Goldberg to do the same. I trust his efforts will yield the same results as I have discovered for my self.

The only men whom I've found weren't pleased were ones' that wouldn't do the program on a daily consistent basis and gave up within a couple of weeks.

In my personal experience and opinion is TRY IT you won't be disappointed if you stay with it!

Don't fall for these cheap gimmicks!
Prepare yourself with knowledge!

Magic Penis Enlargement Pills:
Who ever came up with this concept must be really kidding themselves, or just trying to make a buck. There is not a pill in the world that will enlarge your penis, and we have tried! Can you take a pill to make your lips or nose bigger? OF COURSE NOT!

The fact is there is no possible way to enlarge your penis without performing some kind of development exercise therapy to your penis and testicles, plain and simple.

While some of these "miracle pills" do give some men better erections or better sexual performance, the idea that size enlargement is possible is out of the question.

On the other hand the placebo effect will always work for a certain percent of the users of a given product. We recommend if you're taking any of these products, is to use them in conjunction with this program for optimal results.

Why Our System will outperform ANY enlargement pill product on the market:
Our Program actually enlarges and strengthens your sexual organs through circulation and tissue building exercises, performed by hand. There is no substitute; Penile Fitness is the true natural male enhancement solution that works.

Vacuum Pumps:
The idea behind vacuum pumping is that you will force blood into your penis and force it to grow. Now, this may sound erotic or reasonable, but buyers beware! A vacuum pump will injure your penis easier than it will enlarge your penis, simply because it's forced vacuum power, not stimulation exercise.


Most men aren't going to wait a whole year to gain 1" and do it the right way, instead they think the more they pump the faster the results. WRONG!

Pumps have been around for centuries because men have always tried to create ways to enlarge their penis, their symbol of manhood and fertility.

This simply is not worth your time or money if you are looking to enlarge your penis naturally. Enlarging your penis is the only thing you could be possibly trying to accomplish by pumping, because it does NOTHING for your penile health or strength. In fact, pumping can cause impotence if misused! Here are some continual problems you will come across if you decide to use a pump:

Broken Blood Vessels. Painful Daily Regimens. Embarrassing pump to hide from family. Injury from over pumping. Impotence from pumping. Poor urination flow. Skin blotches. Extreme swelling from over pumping. Very SLOW enlargement process.

Why Our System will outperform ANY pump on the market:
Real thorough penile exercise that will stimulate growth and health in your penis and testicles - Strengthens erections and firmness - Improves sensation and feeling - extremely fast penis enlargement results - Increases sex drive Increases volume and intensity of ejaculations - Improves urinary flow - Improves circulation to penis and testicles - Improves overall body health and mental clarity - The choice is obvious and we won't drain $250 from your wallet like a decent pump will. Pumps can't compare to our methods. End of story.

Weight Hanging:
Weight hanging for penis enlargement is perhaps the oldest penis enlargement method ever used. Centuries ago tribes used noose contraptions that fastened around the penis head, while rocks were hung from the bottom.

This would stretch out the penis longer through years of practice. Today's products have been developed to simulate this ancient method of enlargement. Now, this may sound like a good idea, but here's why weight hanging should totally be avoided if you really desire a bigger, healthier penis:

Only lengthens the penis, does not thicken. Cuts off circulation to the penis head and surrounding areas. Creates unsightly stretching marks on the penis. Lessens sensation during intercourse due to the continual lack of proper circulation to the penis and surrounding areas. Could damage the nerves in the penis and cause permanent and untreatable impotence. Extended hanging sessions could cause permanent damage to the areas where proper circulation was lost and could easily require partial amputation of the penis *YIKES!!!!* Does nothing for overall penile health, strength, and ability. In fact, weight hanging can even CAUSE poor penile health, weaker erections, and lessened ability/use of your penis.

Isn't this just the OPPOSITE of what we are trying to accomplish?

Reasons our methods will out perform any weight/stretching device on the market: Naturally lengthens and thickens the penis through proper thorough penile exercise - Increases proper circulation not only to all of your penis but to your testicles as well - Strengthens your erections - Promotes overall health to your reproductive organs, some of the most important organs in your body.
Please, don't fall for these gimmicks designed to drain you wallet and your expectations. We are here to help you, not ruin your penis while hoping to make a buck.

Don't let this happen to you, weights simply cannot duplicate the results of our Program. Don't be fooled by high priced, fancy looking equipment, save your wallet and your penis.

Please, before you buy any high-priced penis enlargement product, give our system a try for 6 months.

We guarantee that once you try our way, there will be no reason to ever look back.

Promote your prowess with health and ability, NOT hanging weights on your penis for 2 hours a day. Just be informed of the major risks involved before you do it. For the others out there who want performance and size enhancement. Our methods are for you.

Surgical Procedures:
Penis enlargement surgery is a very dreaded, painful, and dangerous operation that has a quite high non-success rate according to patient opinion. When doing research on this surgery, we came across many horror stories from men telling their experience going under the knife to achieve a larger penis size. Instead, they received many if not all of the following:


Deformed looking penis - Impotence - Loss of sex drive - Painful Erections if any at all - Horrible scarring - Hideous appearance of penis - Lumps & Pits - Poor Circulation to Penis & Testicles - Damage to the very intricate network of nerves throughout the penis causing pain, loss of feeling, and complete impotence.

But have no fear, that's why we have developed our Penile Enhancement System. Spreading the word of real Penile Enhancement that works, but won't cost you a steep $10,000 to be mutilated and possibly ruined sexually for LIFE.

Surgery also does nothing for penile strength, health, or ability like our Program does. Surgery merely graphs your flesh and fat underneath your penis skin to give it a larger appearance, and cuts the suspensatory ligament.

The downfall of this procedure is that up to 50% of the injected fat will disappear over the course the following year and your penis will point down while erect. Overall, this horrid procedure should never be an option for any man to take into consideration in OUR opinion. Take it for what its worth.

Reasons our methods are a MUCH better option than Surgery:
100% Safe Natural and Guaranteed unlike being cut on - Enlargement effects are permanent - Enlargement results are much greater in length & thickness - Strengthening and Penile fitness is experienced - Improved Urinary Health - Improved Prostate Health - much harder erections - Developed & strong PC muscle - Increased Stamina & Sex drive - Improved Circulation to Penis & Testicles - 100% Hand Involved, natural healthy penile exercises.

Our methods are real, safe, effective, and guaranteed. You can build yourself the way you want!

This is an exercise for your penis, not your wallet. The right way. The safe way. Remember that we care how you see and feel about yourself. Don't get suckered into spending $10,000 for a surgical procedure that you'll regret for the rest of your life.

Do something that will enhance all aspects of your life instead. Our program will help, we guarantee it.

Now that you know what methods to AVOID, let's progress to the most commonly asked questions regarding our program...



Skeptical about the Program?
Don't be! Learn how to enlarge your penis!

Whats the average penis size?
What kind of results can I really expect?

Anything is possible with PenileFitness. Our unique system of exercises utilizes lengthening stretching and circulation enhancement exercises that expand the blood spaces in your penis. These blood spaces heal after each workout and become a bit larger, stronger, and healthier each day. Over time, these small gains add up, totaling a brand new larger healthier penis and reproductive system. We have documented clients that have emailed us with gains of OVER 3" within 6 months to a year of 4-5 times per week exercise. This is the real thing; the only trusted all natural male enhancement solution for you.

Is there an age limit to see gains?

No, absolutely not. A 70, 80, or even 90-year-old man will see results just as a 20 year old will, so there are no age boundaries when using our system of PenileFitness. We have clients of all ages, so everyone can enjoy a healthier, larger penis by exercising with our methods.

I see websites out there that sound the same as yours. What's the difference? was probably the first website of its kind on the Internet. In more than 4 years of service to men and couples around the world, there have been companies that have tried to duplicate, copy, even plagiarize our unique system of natural male enhancement, all falling very "short" to the quality and exceptional value of our PenileFitness.

I see websites out there that sound the same as yours. What's the difference? was probably the first website of its kind on the Internet. In more than 4 years of service to men and couples around the world, there have been companies that have tried to duplicate, copy, even plagiarize our unique system of natural male enhancement, all falling very "short" to the quality and exceptional value of our PenileFitness.

What kind of guarantee do I have that this Program will work?

By using the methods that are detailed in our Program area, you will enlarge and enhance your penis size and erection strength, end of story. No gimmicks, no hype, just results.

What hazards are there to your Program?

The only thing that could ever happen is a slightly sore penis for a day or two if you over work your penis during the exercise session. This is all prevented by detailed instructions on exactly how much you should exercise in the beginning, intermediate, and advanced stages to prevent injury from over training. Unlike stretching devices or pumps, you control the level of force used to exercise your penis, providing a much more effective male enhancement result.

Is there anything else I have to get besides your Program to see results?

Absolutely not! Everything you need to develop a stronger, healthier, more muscular, and larger penis is all within our Program.

What if I need help or guidance? is by far the most comprehensive natural male enhancement Program known to man, and part of that system is our client support user Message Board and Live Members Chat Room. These 2 key components of our Program are the favorites of our clients because you can easily get help and advice from actual men who are successfully using our Program. Use our easy "search" feature in our message board to pull up answers and information on ANY question or topic you have.

Are results permanent? Or will my gains go back after I stop?

As with any exercise system, some results will always stay after you stop. If you lift weights for a year and then stop, you would not stay in the same peak condition you once were if you never lifted again. The same principle goes here. You could stop, but why? Yes, a good majority of your gains are permanent, but if you kept exercising, you would stay at your peak sexual condition for as long as you lived. PenileFitness is not difficult to perform, and will undoubtedly become a great habit that will benefit you for as long as you live. After you have reached our desired size, you may do a maintenance routine, which will keep you at your size and strength and will not take as much exercise time as it does while you are in your growth phase of the Program. PenileFitness gives you options for any goal you may desire.

How long will it take to see results?

You will feel a difference the first few times you use the methods. Many men have reported size gains in the first week. Stay dedicated, positive, and persistent with your efforts; only good can come from the use of our Program.

Okay, we think that covers your basic intro to our PenileFitnes Program, and gives you a great foundation of knowledge on which to begin your training. Now, the fun part begins.. Time to actually BEGIN the Program you've been preparing for over the last 6+ pages. Remember, read the next page VERY carefully from beginning to end so that you will fully understand how to begin your training....

For many years, medical journals and the prevailing wisdom confidently says that that the average penile length is approximately 6.5 inches. This specific penis measurement has been somewhat contraversial however. In our experience, in the 20 years we've conducted research and development in this area, this measurement is slightly on the high side but is still generally true.

So if you feel that don't exactly measure up when you've compared yourself to others, you may actually be right. The good news is, there is something you can do about it.

And you don't have to resort to surgery to achieve it. In fact, penis enlargement surgery is the last thing you ever want to consider. Firstly, there is no specific medically accepted method to enlarge the penis and secondly, it's not only expensive but it's also very dangerous. Yes there are 'doctors' who perform these surgeries, but 99% of general physicians do not endorse or consider any of these procedures as anything but strictly experimental in nature.

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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
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Your Information Is 100% Secure, Private and is NEVER SHARED With ANY Third-Parties.
We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction With This Complete Package.
Please Try It And See The PROOF For Yourself. It's Just That Simple.
Use, enjoy and benefit from this complete system for a FULL 90 DAYS and if you're not absolutely satisfied, simply contact us at the Customer Service link below and we'll issue a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. We stand by everything we offer and we want you to be successful, happy and 100% satisfied, that's why we offer this complete 90 DAY money-back guarantee.
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